If your passion for studying medicine overseas has led you to consider the Carribean Islands, but you are still not sure about what you are getting into or what you should expect then this is the perfect article for you. Aside from beautiful beaches and an exotic environment, the Caribbean is full of modern amenities and numerous opportunities for the students to discover and unwind.  

We have identified some significant factors that will help you with your decision. Here are three reasons why moving to the Caribbean Islands might be the best option for you as an aspiring medical student:

1. The Education System 

The education curriculum offered in the Caribbean islands is on par with the education system in Europe and North America. The universities and education institutes provide a varied curriculum comprising of different languages and subjects. 

The population on the island has a higher recorded literacy rate compared to the residents in the USA with the Caribbean holding 89% of basic literacy levels in its regions. The literacy rate is only increasing as the quality of education is improving.  

More and more international students are coming to the island for higher studies, especially to study MBBS. The educational programs offered in the Caribbean are associated with the top industries in their particular country. Students who want to obtain a graduate, undergraduate, or a doctoral degree in the Caribbean have many options as the island has colleges and universities that meet the current international standards of the workforce. You can be sure that the Caribbean Island won’t be lacking when it comes to the quality of education.

2. Lifestyle   

You can look forward to a relaxing lifestyle amidst natural beauty in the Caribbean. You’ll spend your time exploring beaches, rainforests and enjoying the weather.

Local inhabitants live in small communities. You will find plenty of people who are not native to the Caribbean. Hence you can expect numerous expat communities mainly due to several investment programs that offer investors a chance to acquire citizenship.

As expected, the islands have different seasons with each season having its speciality cuisine. The local produce is cheaper, fresher, and tastier. These seasons also provide its locals with an opportunity to explore the island. There are countless beaches for you to visit without having to visit the same beach twice. There are also plenty of rainforests for you to visit, which can be explored on foot.

The island also gets shipments of clothes and supplies so that you can engage plenty of shopping. If needs be, you can always visit Miami, which is one of the largest shopping destinations near the Caribbean.

All the mentioned factors prove that you can expect a lot from the lifestyle that The Caribbean has to offer.

3. Culture

Most of the Caribbean population comprises of people who have migrated from different countries. They have brought their culture along with them. Hence, you can be sure to experience a multicultural society in the islands.

The African and Amerindian traditions have inspired a majority of the culture. The best part is that you get to experience it all. Since the island is so diverse, there are numerous languages and dialects. Due to European cultures having a significant influence over the islands, English is widely spoken throughout different regions. For instance, Spanish is the official language in Cuba, while Dutch is commonly spoken in Aruba.

 There is also plenty of art and literature to engage in. Music is deeply rooted in culture. Due to the assimilation of different cultures, you’ll find combinations or crossovers of varying music genres from different countries.

These factors are the most prominent ones that make the Caribbean special. It has everything that students want during their academic years. Plenty of things that they can explore and indulge in which makes choosing the Caribbean Islands the best destination to live in, both academically and economically.

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