With a large number of students preparing for medical entrance examinations, the selection process is extremely competitive. Unlike UG entrance exams in India, where one primarily competes with students within the country, medical entrances to colleges abroad have a much larger applicant pool.  Here is our list of do’s and don’ts:


  • Extensive preparation: You should keep a key focus on areas that are tested upon, including your core concepts from 11th and 12th standard biology.
  • Emphasize developing basic aptitude skills by practicing comprehension questions, situational judgment questions, and analytical problems to help your mind understand all the sections while attempting entrance exams for medical colleges abroad.
  • Solving quality questions: Most students tend to practice a good number of questions of lesser difficulty, ignoring ones which test one’s critical thinking skills. We recommend that you focus on solving better challenging problems, rather than practicing more straightforward questions.
  • Exams like MCAT, UKCAT, BMAT, TMS, and TOEFL test you on your ability to critically solve questions in a small time frame to prove your mettle. Therefore, it is quite crucial that you look up challenging questions and solve them.
  • Setting standards: It is imperative that you try to set some rules with regards to the scores you wish to achieve. Remember, that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Hence, you must first set your targets in the medical entrance exam and then put in the required efforts.
  • With each passing day, you should keep a track of how close your preparation is one a scale of 1 to 10. Once you reach 10 on a certain topic, switch to a different topic and rescale yourself. In this manner, you will be able to master sub-topics in a very time efficient way and keep your focus on both your core subject as well as non-core subject topics as well.
  • Maintaining a list of exams: If you are aspiring for an MBBS abroad, and want to apply to MBBS colleges outside India, you must keep track of the exams you must take to be eligible for admission into such universities. Medical courses outside the country are quite dynamic and test the students on multiple aspects rather than the single focus on the medical subjects.
  • The sole reason for this is the fact that their MBBS syllabus is entirely different and much more goal oriented with well-spread credits around side subjects as well. As students from all over the world compete to get into such universities, missing out on application dates/form fill up, dates for entrance exams can be fatal.


  • Not taking Mock Tests/Series: One of the most common mistakes that students make, is not taking mock tests/series to help themselves get comfortable with the actual paper timings, get better at time management as well as have an insight into topics which they need to revise/improve to score better in their medical entrance examination.
  • Taking up Mock -tests for exams like TOEFL, Common Admission Tests to universities, and the BMAT, can significantly improving your test-taking temperament, which will help you stand out from your competition, increasing the chances of you landing up at your dream college!
  • Using too many resources: With plenty of resources available both on the Internet as well on offline mode, MBBS aspirants often don’t rely on one single resource and therefore, end up getting confused on which textbooks to refer to and which ones to see in case of some personal doubts/topics.
  • We highly recommend that for medical entrance examinations to MBBS courses abroad, you stick to the official guide for every exam, and use it as the ultimate guide to solving the problems, both for practice as well as mock-tests.
  • Spending too much time on the research itself:  In a quest to search for the best courses in the best universities abroad, many students tend to spend a lot of their valuable time of preparation in researching on the best universities for a particular course, asking peers, get confused and fall into the cycle of uncertainty.
  • This is where we can help you save your time and resources by helping you get into the best options, through our world-class consulting for medical courses abroad.
  • Not taking all examinations:  If you are a severe aspirant, you do understand the competition that exists for medical colleges abroad. So, if you are interested in getting admitted to top-tier universities, we advise you to take all the entrance examinations for medical courses abroad. The lesser the exams you choose, the more you restrict your choices. After you take your exams and are done on your part, reach out to us to fulfill your dream of doing an MBBS abroad.


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