sYou have to be smart when it comes to being able to stretch your money to buy a few extra things. As a college student, every individual is on a monthly budget. The key to financial success is to know the art of spending savvy. Every student in college anywhere in the world faces the same challenge- the challenge to manage his/her monthly expenditure. It’s not a problem without a solution, except the solution needs self-awareness and lots of discipline. The amount of money spent on college supplies or miscellaneous activities can be managed and kept in check. To make your college life slightly less stressful, we have a few measures that you could implement right after you are done reading this.

  1. Don’t buy textbook– College textbooks can be priced very high based on the author and the latest edition. As important as it is to refer to books there is an alternate solution to this high costing necessity. Yes, it’s logical and straightforward to save your cash by avoiding textbook purchase. You can borrow it from the college or a public library. You could also ask the students that have already graduated to lend their books to you. In the time and age of the internet, you can be sure to find most of the material online, and this would even help the paperless environment agenda.
  2. Get a part-time job– If you can land a perfect part-time job that doesn’t clash with your daily import schedule, you can save money big time plus make more. Try to get an on-campus job rather than a job away from your college and accommodation. Landing a job at this stage in your life can benefit you, your family and your career in many other ways. Apart from being able to provide for yourself, you also gain technical knowledge and hands-on experience. This will also help you set a routine for yourself.
  3. Compare your accommodation– If you are studying abroad or another site from your hometown make sure to be very careful before deciding where you want to live. If you choose to live in a hostel/college campus or in a PG your cost of expenditure is comparatively lesser than getting an apartment. Research is key, its essential that you browse through several websites before picking up the right place to stay. Living expense covers up to 60% of your expenditure and this is the best place to cut your costs.
  4. Wisely– If and when you decide to go grocery shopping be sure to set a budget and make a note of all the essential things you need in that month. Once you make your list, stay strong and stick by it and not drift away to splurge on unnecessary items. The same with college supplies and clothing. Be sure to make an account of the money that you spend so you know where every penny spent.
  5. Public transport – As difficult as life sounds without your transport, as an international student living away from home, this can be an expensive affair. Firstly try to look for accommodation that is close to your college campus. In case you stay a few minutes away from college find out your best means of transport (bus, trains, cycle, etc.) to get to your college in time. Public transportation in every city has been improving over the years; there are very few areas that do not have access to public transport. If you think you prefer walking to your campus, it would be a great choice.
  6. Student discounts– Every student must know that a lot of places (restaurants, electronic shops, concerts,etc.) offer student discounts. Be sure to check and carry your college student ID to such valid places to avail great discounts as students. Make use of the perks of being a student. Hit the gig that has been specially planned to give students discounts, in this way you save money and still have a lot of fun. A lot of websites also offer half price on their membership, for instance, Apple music, Amazon prime, etc.

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