Has it been your dream to pursue MBBS? All you wanted was to study MBBS abroad? Then you must know that India is a country with 16.70 lakhs applications and 72,000 enrollments every year. The students who don’t get admissions in their desired colleges have to switch into different courses due to the availability of a few seats. Many students do not pursue their higher studies due to the exceptionally high prices of the course(s). The very thought of whether you will be able to make it this year to the top or face difficulties troubles you. Even if you are an excellent student, the fear & doubt follow you till you get the admission and everything is finalized.

Have you ever thought about pursuing Medicine overseas? Now you may think it is expensive and will cost you a bomb! But let us tell you that pursuing MBBS abroad is way more accessible and cheaper than you have ever thought. Yes, it is possible, and that too at half the cost as compared to India. So brace yourself! Tighten up your seat belt to embrace a new study pattern without wasting a single minute! Gain the knowledge you have always wanted in a sought after environment and place. If you are worried about the pandemic and that you might miss one year of study, then rest assured you are not going to waste any of your precious time. You can right away take admission in MBBS without attending the entrance test this year. Read on to know more!

If you don’t want to waste your precious time due to the pandemic, you can opt for Bio-Medical Sciences (Pre-Med) and get the opportunity to study overseas. While sitting at home, you can take the online classes of Bio-Medical Sciences (Pre-Med) which will save your time, boost your knowledge,  reduce the cost of accommodation and help you apply abroad for higher education after you complete this 1-year course. Never thought of this? But it is true; you can build a bright future by enrolling in this price-cutting, super affordable course.

Bio-Medical Sciences (Pre-Med) in India 

If you plan on moving abroad for higher studies, you must study harder for a direct-cut admission. With Windsor University, the admissions and your higher-studies have become more accessible and affordable. 

Here are the steps you need to follow for your brighter fate in most reputed hospitals:

• Science stream in school (10+2) 

Taking up science as an intermediate course is essential, and the first step that can take you through the medical journey. Trying and maintaining an excellent record in 10th and 12th paves the way for you to be a successful medical candidate and a great doctor.

• Bio-Medical Sciences (Pre-Med)

To pursue the Bio-Medical Programme (Pre-Med) successfully, you need focus and good decision-making skills. Windsor offers a one-year Bio-Medical (Pre-Med) course with four semesters. You can enroll in any of the semesters; this will save you a lot of time. The online classes offered will save a lot of your time and money at the same moment. Once you have completed the Bio-Medical Sciences (Pre-Med), Windsor will offer the deserving students seats for their MD programme overseas. The University has the best-experienced teachers and offers quality education to you, which is better than many other universities available in other countries. The degree is globally recognized and makes it easy for you to practice medicine in any part of the world.

MD programme

• Basic Sciences 

Basic Sciences is an introductory science course for two years. Windsor University prepares you for appearing in competitive examinations like USMLE- PLAB-MCCQE in the last semester of basic sciences without wasting an extra year and of no cost. This will help you to move a step forward in achieving your dreams.

• Clinical Rotations 

Windsor is the only university that gives you exposure to the clinical rotations throughout North America, UK, and Canada. During the clinical rotations, you have two different types of practices— Elective in the first year, and Selective the next year.

The Elective course enables you to work with doctors from almost all the departments, and you will learn in-depth about how the department functions. This is the 4th year of your MD programme where you will get exposure in all the divisions. 

The Selective course is in the final year of your clinical rotation, i.e. the 5th year of the MD programme. Here you will practice in one of the following departments– Internal Medicine, External Medicine, or Family Medicine. You can choose your desired specialization in your Selective course during the graduation itself. 

• Final Examinations 

In a cosmopolitan environment with ultra-modern teaching facilities and affordable fees, the final step will be the examinations for getting a license to practice at the hospitals.  After getting good grades, you can settle down in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada with FREE PG. 

With Windsor, you not only get to study MBBS abroad (along with FREE PG with stipend), but you will also explore the world around and learn new life skills, all in a new home away from home. Make your dream come true without wasting any time. Imagine completing your medical education without any worries and getting placed in a good hospital. Windsor degree allows you to practice medicine anywhere after completion of your studies.  Yes, Windsor will make it a reality for you!
If you are confused in selecting the right university to pursue your studies, you can consult our professionals who are always ready to guide you to the best. You can visit our website, Overseas Education Group  Edupreneurs. We will never let you down!

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