Studying in Caribbean universities can be the light at the end of the tunnel for many students. Every year lakhs of students appear for entrance exams in their respective states. But only a few can top the exams. A section of the remaining students can afford seats in medical schools by paying huge amount as donation. Students who do not fall under both categories are left with their dreams crashed. After all the gates in India are closed, students put all their hopes on universities in UK,USA and Canada. But now, there is an evenbetter option for pursuing your dream of studying medicine .Caribbean universities can be your potential option for pursuing your medical career.Below you can find why Caribbean universities are better than universities in USA, UK and Canada.


  • All you need to have is a minimum of 50% in physics, chemistry and biology in 12th standard and the student must qualify in NEET. For reserved category students, 40% in physics, chemistry and biology and qualifying in NEET exam are required.
  • To get into universities in USA,UK and Canada you have to submit your English proficiency test(IELTS/TOEFL) scores,admission tests and entrance exams(depending on the universities you want to get into).

After getting through 12th standard,NEET, local entrance exams and the stress associated with the whole process, you do not want to put additional pressure on yourself by taking ‘n’ number of other exams. Exams do not end with IELTS and TOEFL .  Depending on the country you have to take more exams. To get into top universities of USA, you have to complete your MCAT exam which is deemed to be one of the toughest exams. To get admission in any university in UK,you have to clear UKCAT,BMAT or GAMSAT depending on the university you are applying.

No MBBS Course In Canada

When it comes to Canada, there is literally no course for MBBS directly. Pre requisite for getting into medical colleges of Canada is completion of undergrad or bachelor degree from a recognized university.

However to enroll without a bachelor’s degree you can choose any university in Quebec, but you have to complete 1 year diploma program in CEGEP.

After the completion of undergrad score cards of IELTS(minimum of 6.5)/TOEFL( minimum of 80) and MCAT are required.


  • They don’t have any entrance examswhereas other countries conduct entrance exams. The marks gained in 12th standard and local entrance exam are taken into consideration during the admission. Getting admission in the Caribbean university is a hassle-free process. After you meet the eligibility criteria, it is a very easy process which takes one week at the most since,there are no exams conducted.You just have to be ready with your basic documents like NEET score card,10th and 12th After getting admission letter you have to start your visa process and that’s all. Students can get accepted in batches all year around starting in January, May and September. Caribbean universities are setting their education standards in par with countries across the world.
  • The admission process becomes easier when you do not have to submit scores of various exams. For universities in USA,UK and Canada the requirements are huge. So the process takes more time when compared with Caribbean universities.


  • Curriculum in the universities is designed in such a way that it is similar to the standards of USA,UK and Canada.They are giving tough competition to medical schools across the world concerning education and infrastructure at an affordable price.
  • Students can also pursue their dream of studying PG in US, UK, Canada and other countries by studying in Caribbean universities. Students can get trained in their choice of exam such as USMLE (for usa) to get admissions in various countries. After, getting through USMLE one can pursue their PG in USA. According to the requirements of various countries, students can choose the exam they want to appear in. Students can use this step as a stone to hit the fruit, which is pursuing studies in US, UK and Canada.
  • Tuition fee is also less compared to other countries like US, UK and Canada. Students of Caribbean universities which are certified,listed and recognized by international medical institutions like World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS),  Medical Council of India(MCI) ,Education commission for foreign medical graduates(ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research(FAIMER) etc can get global recognition since these medical degrees are recognized globally.


  • Universities in Caribbean countries have tie ups with various hospitals within the country and across the world. This allows students to get international exposure which helps in gaining experience in international circuit. Students can start their practice in any country of their choice by gaining experience.
  • Salaries of doctors with such experience will be very high. Since the demand is exceeding the supply for doctors across the world, gaining international experience will definitely place students in reputed hospitals across the world with good salary packages.
  • Infrastructure standards of Caribbean universities is comparatively much higher than the standards maintained by many colleges in US, UK and Canada. Universities are up to date with the latest technologies in the industry. At the end of the course students will be well aware of the advanced equipment available in the industry from the practical knowledge they gain.

Like mentioned earlier, medicine in Caribbean can be the stepping stone for many opportunities. When it concerns further education, students can pursue their PG in countries like USA and Canada after pursuing MBBS in Caribbean. Curriculum of the Caribbean universities (which are approved by MCI, WDOMS) is designed in such a way that the students can meet the licensing requirements in countries like USA and Canada. Students are trained for USMLE, which is a 3 step process for gaining licence in various countries. Students can clear their step-1 and step-2 during the course. After clearing the 2 steps, students get certified from ECFMG and appear for step-3.Students who are from universities approved by MCI and WDOMS and certified by ECFMG are eligible for USMLE.  Acquiring licence in USA will open gates for practice in countries like India.

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