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You have always dreamt of being a doctor and have conducted a fair amount of research on the career. You may think you have a pretty good idea about what the course entails. However, do you truly understand what it’s like pursuing this career?

Enrolling yourself in a medical school translates to massive hard work, probably more than you have ever worked in your life. Yes, there is no denying that you need to give it your all. However, it is a myth that life as a medical student is all stress and no joy at all.

To begin with, what you are working towards is one of the most respectful, engaging, and rewarding professions. So that itself should be the most potent driving force. The journey, in reality, is enjoyable and gratifying in several ways.

This blog highlights a few aspects that will reassure you and motivate you about the prospects of studying medicine.

You Don’t Study Just to Pass

There are several courses wherein students study to pass the next exam merely. The information gained in these courses is barely useful in practical professional situations. That is indeed not the case with medicine.

Whatever you imbibe is lifelong learning. You don’t study to just pass but to lay down the foundation of your career and build on your knowledge that one day could make a crucial difference to a patient. The learning in this course goes beyond the classroom lecture. There is great incentive to study material apart from lectures and satisfy your quench for further knowledge.

There Will be Stiff Competition

Medical schools admit the brightest of the bright. The students in any medical university represent the finest and most capable selection of people of that age. You will come across children intellectually more brilliant than you, and also others who are at the same level as you.

Do not feel disheartened. Always remember that you are in a privileged position. You stand amongst the topmost students in the country. So work hard and accomplish your goal.

It is Real Hard Work

Medicine is a very challenging course, indeed. There is a reasonable amount of pressure to pass the exams with high scores. There are essays to write and practicals to prepare, which in conjugation means you are expected to work harder than students of most other courses. Even the most discerning students may find medical school an entirely different level of rigour.

The colossal amount of information shared, the time required to study and stay on top of things, and the frequency of examination can be overwhelming for even the highest calibre student. Knowing this truth can facilitate your journey and help you focus from the start.

It’s Hard Work, But Not All

Agreed, you are required to work exceptionally hard. Nevertheless, you will get plenty of time to enjoy being an undergraduate. If you balance well, you will be able to participate in other activities at the university such as sports and music.

Most importantly, you will get sufficient time to know more about yourself and the people around you. Utilise that time to build on your personality and make some lifetime relationships.

Organisational Skills Will Be Necessary

One of the most significant challenges is organising your study and other activities. If you feel excessively tired, studying or partying – you have for yourself a potential recipe for disaster. Make a diary or keep a calendar on your phone to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

Organise your routine effectively and avoid running around the last minute to meet deadlines.

You Will Have Low Times

As a doctor, you may have to bear sad situations. After a certain point, medicine can only do that much. Rotations in cancer wards may leave you depressed and in tears.

Be prepared that medicine gives you the opportunity to save lives, but you may not always accomplish recoveries. This course requires your cognitive skills and emotional strength as well.

You Get Vacations Not Holidays

You will get your due breaks like all other courses but don’t consider it a complete holiday. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a well-earned rest, but it’s vital to find a balance.

Neither do you want to commence a new term feeling fatigued by working excessively hard during the break, nor should you start the term feeling clueless about what’s going on in the course.

It is a Marathon Not a Sprint

This phrase represents a well known fact about medicine. It is a long course, indeed. The fundamental scientific principles and clinical skills that need to be acquired make this course pretty voluminous. An average student keeps so busy that time seems to fly past.

Towards the end of the 5 or 6 years long course, you will find the vacations getting shorter; and you will see yourself studying throughout the year.

You Will Make the Closest Friends

Trying times have a way of bringing people together. While studying through this demanding course, you will end up making some of the closest friends. These associations will help you sail through the excessive work pressure and trying times. The light-hearted conversations about which lecturer makes it the hardest to stay awake will brighten up your day, and the laughs will make it all worth it!


So did these insights, scare you or excite you? There are challenges, but there are rewards as well.

Medical students live by the mantra, ‘Work hard, play hard!” The best part about this course is that being a student is not the means to your goal, but it is an end in itself. Barring any adversity, if you pass your exams, you will qualify to be a doctor.

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