Medical Residency (Post-Graduation) is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of your journey of pursuing medicine. This is where you decide your specializations. And it also is an excellent opportunity to work with some of the most talented minds in the world. And when you are doing your MBBS from the Caribbean, you have the golden opportunity to continue your post-graduation from some of the best institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, or any other country that you want for that matter. But this is not even the best part. Along with being associated with a world-class institution, you are being offered this post-graduation free of cost, along with a stipend.

What does the Caribbean pathway to PG look like?

Once you have taken admission, the first year will be a PREMED programme, followed by two years of studying BASIC SCIENCES and then another two years of CLINICAL ROTATION. For your clinical rotations, you could pursue it either from the USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, or Australia. It is Windsor that makes it possible for you to have your clinical rotations in these countries. These four years of studying basic sciences and clinical rotation collectively become your MD. After which you move ahead to your post-graduation. To be eligible for post-graduation in one of the countries mentioned earlier, the student must ace the USMLE / MCCQE / PLAB exam. However, with the help of Windsor, during the course itself, you are prepared to take on these exams. 

Why go the Caribbean way for your PG?

  1. It is the most efficient route – Pursuing your MBBS through the direct admission in USA / UK / New Zealand / Canada / Australia will cost you around INR 3.5 – 4 Crores and 11 years of your life. Now, this is an expensive deal. Whereas, with Windsor, you are not only spending less but also saving on three precious years of your life. In 8 years and at an approximate cost of INR 55 – 60 Lakhs, you can fulfill your dream of practicing MBBS. 
  2. Free Residency (PG) with stipend – Your residency will be free of cost, and you will also have the opportunity to earn a stipend. You will be pursuing your post-graduation from some of the major locations with some of the brightest people. And all this without being burdened by huge expenses is one of the highlighting aspects. 
  3. Training for PG – To be able to pursue your post-graduation free of cost, along with a stipend, from USA / UK / New Zealand / Canada / Australia you would need to crack any examination. In association with Kaplan, a training programme is conducted to help you prepare and be ready for the test. This helps remove any hurdles from your way to a world-class education, that too at zero cost.
  4. A curriculum that prepares you for it all – The curriculum followed at Windsor is set on the lines of the pattern of the USA and is globally accepted. This helps the students be on the same level as some of the best institutions around the world. And also prepares them for the qualifying exam for PG. 

With your career at stake, you can only depend on the best. Windsor University comes with a legacy of excellence and prestige. It’s MBBS and PG programme is one of the best when compared with the offerings of different countries. Along with being both cost and time-efficient, you are also eligible to practice anywhere in the world. This is an opportunity that you must not let slip away. Windsor opens doorways for you that leads to a globally recognized medical degree, so what are you waiting for?

Let the most crucial decision of your life be the right one, choose Windsor!

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