Have you completed your 12th and aspire to do your MBBS With FREE post-graduation with a Stipend abroad? And have you thought about how you could complete your post-graduation in one of the most economically developed countries like USA/UK/Canada? Don’t worry! Here is a road map for you to achieve that!

Pursuing an MBBS abroad would not only help you to explore new places and expand new boundaries, but it can also pave the way for you to be better prepared for your post-graduation. Post-Graduation is where you really start to specialize in your respective fields, and it is what actually decides your future. Getting to that requires hard work and patience.

The reason postgraduate training in countries like the US, Canada, or the UK is so highly sought after other than the prestige and efficacy of the training is the fact that through hard work and merit you can get paid to specialize in what you love. How to do that? There are two pathways:

Direct Admission Route 
The years, while one is studying for that bachelor’s degree (MBBS), taking prerequisite courses to apply to med school, and intending to take the MCAT and apply to medical school (MD), are considered as the PRE-MED years.  If you go for direct admission to prominent universities, your PRE-MED itself would take more than 4 years! 
Your MD completion would take another 4 years after which you would have to prepare for USMLE exams. Cracking that (which is tough), you would be able to do your post-graduation which would at least take 3 more years. Summing it up, it would take over 11 years to finally complete your PG. This is both long and expensive and hence is not ideal for most of the students as it will cost more than 3 crores. 
Why is the Caribbean Route better?
In the Caribbean admission route, students first enroll for a PRE-MED program that lasts for just 1 year, upon completion with which the students can directly enroll for the MD program! Here, there is no need to write MCAT as well!
The MD curriculum takes a total of 4 years to complete, out of which 2 years of Basic sciences are taught in the college, and then another 2 years of Clinical Medical Sciences taught at affiliated hospitals or approved training centers in the US, UK, and Canada. A USMLE review course is also dedicated to reviewing student’s preparation for USMLE exams. This course is extremely helpful in getting high scores in the USMLE exams and hence getting free PG. 
Free PG with Stipend!
The next step is to get tremendous scores in the USMLEs after which you can go into a paid residency program and hence complete the PG free of cost along with a lucrative stipend that too from major locations in countries like the USA, UK, CANADA, and NEW ZEALAND.

So, with the Caribbean pathway, you could complete your PG within just 8 years! The curriculum followed is set on the lines of the pattern of the USA and is globally accepted. This helps the students be on the same level as some of the best institutions around the world. The entire 8 years in the Caribbean pathway would cost around INR 50-75 Lakhs*which is far less when compared to the INR 3.5-4 crores* and the 11 years in the direct admission route.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Is the pandemic not letting you think about going abroad? The Caribbean has you covered even here! The Caribbean offers a ‘1+1’ policy which now allows you to study your 1st year from your home town followed by 4 years in the university! This is a golden opportunity for thousands of Indians who aspire to have a rich and successful medical career but are suffering from travel and cost restrictions.

Not only is it time-efficient and cost-friendly, but it also provides the students with an excellent platform where they can build their medical careers. The Caribbean Admission route has all your bases covered. What are you waiting for? 

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