After you’ve finally decided to pursue medicine, the next step is to decide on a university. A university that is most suitable for your budget and scores and prestigious at the same time. Every university has a different environment; some are more laid back while some are extremely competitive. If you’re a student from India, you already know the kind of competition that exists to get into a medical college in India. The ratio of the number of students applying to the number of seats available is very high. 

Studying medicine, especially in India, USA and Canada can be very expensive and you must keep your options open to other possibilities. With medicine becoming popular in almost all countries around the world, students now have many options. The Caribbean has over 60 universities for medicine offered in English. Many Indian students, lately, have been attracted towards The Caribbean to pursue medicine. No matter which course or which country and university, you must always evaluate your options based on research. As a graduate from some of the universities, you will gain certifications and become eligible to take the United States Medical Examination (USMLE) and Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE). You will also have opportunities to participate in the National Resident Matching Programs and Canadian Resident Matching Service. (CaRMS). 

Here are some advantages of studying medicine in The Caribbean:

  1. World Class Medical Universities

The Caribbean is known to have some of the top universities offering medicine with world-class facilities. The universities have been proving themselves as a potential platform to help students succeed. Many international students travel here to study medicine in one of the universities of their choice as the opportunities are very good. Many of these universities are also getting recognized worldwide, giving students international opportunities as well. One of the top universities is Windsor University School Of Medicine, located in St.Kitts. At the university students can expect to gain advanced educational curriculum along with extensive hands-on patient care.  

2. The overall cost of living

Cost of living is one of the crucial factors that can make or break a student’s education. Students usually take huge loans to get by their daily lives, which in turn ends up becoming an endless cycle of grinding for them. Many people out there have spent their entire lives paying their student loan. Such loans might help you to get immersed in your studies and be around with like-minded people, but it does restrict you from meeting your full potential. 

This is where The Caribbean is extremely beneficial, especially for Indian students, as it provides the most affordable and reasonable prices. The universities and state her makes sure that students can focus on their academics rather than being stressed about their financial situation all the time.

3. Good standard of living 

Good standard of living is something that every aspiring student aims to achieve. Its the only reason why most students opt for higher studies, and they’ll be able to experience that in the Caribbean. With about 13 sovereign states and five international languages, one can easily see the European and African influence on Caribbean culture. Living in such a multi-cultural society can help students in developing various perspectives that can help them in gaining a better understanding of the world around them. It also brings a scrumptious wave of multiple cuisines that belong to those cultures. 

Apart from the culture, students can also expect a rich lifestyle consisting of nature, botanical gardens, casinos, etc. which can add to their all-round development.

      4. Salvation from unnecessary entrance exams

Say your goodbyes to those irritating entrance exams that take up half of your life as you prepare for them. MCAT, SAT, IELTS/TOEFL scores are not required in the Caribbean schools. It is the perfect opportunity for the students who want to apply for higher studies without going through the hassle of preparing for endless entrance exams. It is incredibly advantageous for the students as it creates unlimited options for them to opt for. Hence students can explore these options without wasting their time and efforts on entrance exams.

       5. Practical Admission Timings

            Students don’t have to worry about firm timelines as Caribbean Universities organize admissions thrice a year. Students are also free to enroll immediately right after their UG program. Tests and seminars are conducted periodically in line with the pattern followed in the USA education system. These regular tests make sure that students can give them any time regardless of how early or late they enrolled in the university. 

As you can see, The Carribean is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that students from around the world get the best education experience. It’s the new hope for MBBS aspirants, and with its endless benefits, students can look forward to a pleasant route towards a bright a successful future.

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