MBBS Abroad

There is hard-hitting competition in our country when it comes to procuring a seat in a reputed Medical College. It is indeed very demoralising for any student to accept refusal despite studying hard for the entrance test.

The high competition and disillusionment steer many towards foreign countries. The decision could turn out to be a life-changing step provided you have done your spadework well.

This blog endeavours to provide fundamental information to students before they plan to apply for MBBS abroad.

Countries Offering Reliable Medical Education

If the intent is to study in a prestigious medical university and money is not a decisive factor; then USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and other European countries are worth a try. These nations provide highly proficient medical education.

On the other hand, if money is a key factor and you wish to attain a medical degree without giving competitive entrance tests, then you need to look at alternatives.

Many nations offer good medical education to overseas students without an entrance examination. Selection is conducted on the basis of your Intermediate or Grade 12 results. Financially also these courses aren’t very taxing as within an amount of 25 lakhs, one can complete the education.

Some of the countries worth considering in this domain include Ukraine, China, Philippines, Georgia, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, and Central America.

Of course, once you are back in your homeland, you will need to undergo a screening test conducted by Indian Authorities to obtain a green signal for formal practice.

Qualifications Required


The student must have cleared Grade 12 with Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English. The Applicant must be well versed in English language and should have studied these subjects in English medium.

The applicant must be 17 years of age by December 31st of the joining year.

Important Considerations

Important Considerations

Before you finalise your decision with regards to the college, ensure you have looked into the following aspects carefully.

  • The Medical Council of India must recognise the college otherwise neither does the degree hold any value nor will you be allowed to practise in India.
  • Ascertain the course is in English medium.
  • Scrutinise the tuition fee and other expenditures during the entire course.
  • Attain knowledge of the duration of the entire course, the number of semesters and related information to the course.
  • Get in touch with the students of previous badges to evaluate the standard of education imparted in the institution. Talking to the alumni of the study programme will help you comprehend their successes and struggles. It will facilitate your preparation and allay fears.  

Expenditure Estimate

Expenditure Estimate

Have a look at the estimated expenditure for MBBS per year in various countries.

  • Kirghizstan – Course duration 5 years, expenditure 3000 US dollars
  • China – Course duration 5 years, expenditure 5000 US dollars
  • Ukraine – Course duration 6 years, expenditure 4000-5000 US dollars
  • Philippines – Course duration 51/2 years, expenditure 4000-5000 US dollars
  • Central America – Course duration 4-6 years, expenditure 10,000 US dollars

Studying in a foreign land can be expensive. Estimate the expenditure before committing to any course. Explore the option of federal loans, grants, scholarships and seek discerning financial advice.

Acquisition of Passport and Visa

Acquisition of Passport and Visa

Students desirous of studying MBBS abroad must acquire a Passport well in advance before applying for the course. Once you gain admission to your chosen university, you require visa stamping from the embassy of that country. For countries like China and Kirghizstan, the applicant will have to appear in person in the Embassy for issuing of the visa.



Studying abroad could be a daunting experience. Being well informed renders adequate help to adjust to a new land. Surf the internet for information on the chosen country. You can explore the option of contacting the university personnel to grasp information regarding the course pattern and your stay.

Gain information about the climatic conditions, currency exchange rate, and the historical and political background of the country.  

Consult a Doctor

You need to be in perfect health before leaving the country. Get a thorough medical check-up done and remember to find out about additional vaccines with regards to your planned destination.

Insurance may be a good idea lest you fall sick or need serious medical attention.

Screening after MBBS Abroad

After MBBS Abroad

Once a student completes medical education in any overseas college recognised by the Medical Council of India, he/she is required to undergo a screening test in India. The MCI conducts the test. After that, the student has to work as a house surgeon for a year in an MCI recognised hospital in India to get registered as a doctor in the country.


If becoming a doctor has been your childhood dream, then you certainly need to explore options in foreign countries. The numbers of applicants in India are enormous, and the seats in Indian medical colleges are limited.

However, if you keep your determination in place and incorporate flexibility in your nature, you can complete the course on foreign soil.  


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