A majority of students who choose biology as a major in higher secondary do so with an aim to wear doctor’s coat one day. As of 2017, approximately 11 lakh students competed for around a small 64000 MBBS seats in the NEET exam; so the odds of not having a chance to get enrolled in government college is quite high. Since the fee structure for opting medical education from private colleges is as high as 64 lakhs on an average, many students and their parents consider studying abroad.

When it comes to pursuing medicine in a foreign nation, USA is at the top of the list. The US has painted for itself quite a lovely picture with quality education, experienced faculty and a plethora of opportunities. Due to a shortage of physicians for a long time, US medical schools have increased their enrollment by 28%, so now the USA bell is ringing for many aspiring medical students in India. Still, studying medicine in the USA is not as simple as it seems. It requires survival skills, sizeable financial capital, determination, mental strength, and some medical tips from the expert itself.

Where to apply?

Since education has become increasingly privatized and consequently expensive in the contemporary, you need to look for options that provide quality education at a reasonably affordable price. At this juncture, one can consider a Caribbean Medical School under its comparatively pocket-friendly tuition. We understand it’s hard for you to find this information search on your own. But, don’t worry as we are here to guide you through the process of becoming a doctor right from getting enrolled to the survival in medical schools.

Here’s a list of quality schools:

Pursuing a medical degree from any of Caribbean Medical School is a gateway to being a medical practitioner in the United States of America. But, some key points should be considered while selecting the institute. Only eight schools are fulfilling the accreditation standard of Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Health professionals (CAAM-HP), where six are awarded high-level accreditation. Among these six only four colleges are recognized by the US Department of Education. They are:

  •         Trinity School of Medicine
  •         American University of Antigua
  •         Ross School of Medicine
  •         St. George’s University

These schools have received their accreditation based on an evaluation of operating standards as per the USA’s Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

Are you eligible?

The eligibility criteria for enrollment in medical school is a pre-medical degree of four years, and it can be any subject that keeps you connected to medicine. Being an international student, taking a pre-medical degree from the USA can add value to your admission. However,  it can also prove to be very expensive as the pre-medical fee per year can cost up to $41,700, and including overall living expenses, it goes up to almost $300,000 for four years. This is expensive, but there is an alternative to this issue. You can opt to take a pre-medical degree in India from a well-renowned college or university with an excellent course structure as it will save you and your family a fortune.

The indispensable importance of grades

The problem is not solved here as not taking a pre-medical degree from the USA adds its disadvantages to your enrollment. Hence, you are now required to work harder to get straight As in each subject for all the four years in the pre-medical degree. It definitely sounds scary and rough, but this fear and pressure must not be an obstacle towards achieving your dream of becoming a doctor. Perseverance and hard work will pay off, and it is definitely worth the success of being a part of an acclaimed medical school.  The nobility of the profession and the satisfaction of the job has proven to be powerful motivators, So, you will have to constantly at the big picture here to get through the stressful days, because the bright days are not far away!

National Requirements of the USA

This is not all, as most of the first world countries have quite a cumbersome list of procedures and requirements. So after getting your pre-medical course of four years with the ideal grades, you need to work on clearing the MCAT. You need to have a high proficiency to reflect on your test performance, as it is quite crucial. Having stressed on the importance of MCAT, it is also imperative to remember that this exam does not decide whether or not you are going to be a good doctor or not, as there are many good doctors out there with low MCAT grades.  Since it’s a required test, you don’t have a choice to skip; however, since this a part of pursuing your dream career, there is no harm in giving your best shot. MCAT includes not just language proficiency but also comprises of critical thinking, reasoning skills, and psychological, social and biological behaviors.

For language, you can take coaching, read books, communicate in English as much as possible, watch videos with subtitles, and use audio books to improve your skills. Finally, you will need a perfect recommendation, and after this, you are all set to apply to become a doctor. The overall process looks long and stressful, but you need to stay focused and optimistic. Don’t give up hope, and give your body and mind time to relax by playing some sports and talking to friends and family. Physical and mental engagement is crucial for a stress-free approach. Stay motivated and all the very best!

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