You have nurtured the dream of becoming a doctor all your school life but gauging the competition around; you are now losing hope. Are you bogged down with the stress of acquiring a seat in a credible medical college in India? Have you secretly considered the option of studying abroad?

Well! Hold on to this thought. It is normal to have doubts, but this may be a life-changing decision for you. Going abroad to study is a huge step but a phenomenally good option. Here are 5 reasons why you must study MBBS abroad. We hope it clears your mind and helps you stamp the final decision.

1. Ease of Admission

The population of our country makes gaining admission in top notch colleges immensely tough. Lakhs of students pass out of high school every academic session and the seats available in colleges are limited. The competition is very stiff as every student nurtures the dream of securing a place in top notch colleges like AIIMS and MAMC.

The high cut-offs leave even the bright students disheartened. Admissions at undergraduate level in highly ranked foreign universities are comparatively easier.

Research data evaluated in 2016 highlights a growth rate of 17.8 percent in the number of Indian students opting to study abroad. The present scenario of admissions in Indian universities points towards an increase in this growth rate in the coming years.

2. Quality of Education

There is no denying that the standard of education across universities in India is developing. However, practical application of conceptual knowledge is one domain where we are drastically lagging. Our country’s education system thrives on rote learning rather than understanding. Lecture-driven teaching with minimal student participation restricts the classroom learning experience.

MBBS courses abroad engage students in active learning through case studies, research work, class participation, dialogue exchange, and practical experience on and off campus. This format makes learning fruitful and enjoyable. Moreover, education system offers flexibility to tailor courses as per the student’s pace and interest.

3. Enhanced Research Opportunities

Students pursuing medicine in India seldom receive adequate support from their colleges with regards to research. The resources and infrastructure are far from appropriate.

In comparison, universities in America, Canada, and Britain usher sophisticated technology, equipment, and infrastructure facilitating in-depth research.

4. Expanded Horizons

An international bachelor’s degree can expand your horizons and make you a worldly-wise individual. Stepping out of your national boundaries for education can be an eye-opening, mind-altering, and life- changing experience.

Studying abroad helps you imbibe varied cultures and perspective that expands your view of the world. Professionally, it helps you meet patients from other countries. It gives you the scope of learning about different health issues and treatments.

5.Great Job Opportunities

When you have a degree from an International University on your resume, your credentials stand out from the crowd. This international experience will open a plethora of job opportunities and render an instant boost to your career.


Studying abroad can offer you the opportunity to stay ahead of your peers. If the thought of studying MBBS abroad brings a smile on your face, then you should undoubtedly pursue your aspiration. Windsor University is the best choice for you as it renders fast application procedure, adequate faculty-student ratio, personalised mentorship, and clinical rotations in various nations.

The benefits of being an international medical student are endless. You can only discover them once you take that leap ahead. Don’t be afraid, take a deep breath and go for it! Live your dream.

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