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Kazakhstan is another country where students who love to pursue their medical education since it offers some of the best courses at affordable prices. The facilities students are of world class and also the education they get as competent as any other medical college. To some of the Indian students going abroad for medical education in Kazakhstan is not a priority but an option since they do not get admission in medical colleges due some external and internal factors. Following are some of the major reasons to pursuing medical education in Kazakhstan.

  • The students need not undergo rigorous admission test, which itself discourages the students. Admission in medical colleges in Kazakhstan is based on the marks the students obtained in previous level of education.
  • No capitation fees or donations. Student needs to undergo a simple visa processing once the admission is assured in the college
  • Universities are recognized by WHO, MCI, GMC, IMED and USMLE
  • High standards of education with world class methods and procedures.
  • Low cost of living which students can afford by not putting extra financial burden on their parents.
  • Students are provided with training in the hospitals run by the universities for better understanding of the subject.
  • Students are eligible to take part in the screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India to take up medical profession. They are also eligible to apply for employment in Europe and the United States.
  • High-level of security is assured for the students irrespective of the gender.
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The MBBS in Kazakhstan, which includes a number of distinct levels, has been very instrumental in helping achieve economic and political success.

The education system in Kazakhstan is overseen by the Ministry of Education and administered at the local level. Schooling is mandatory for all students between the ages of 6 and 15, although there are several pre-university educational options for students between the ages of 16-18 as well.

Private universities also make up part of the tertiary educational landscape of Kazakhstan. These schools, usually non-profit institutions, are subject to the same regulations regarding curriculum but are free to set tuition and salaries as they see fit. Public mbbs universities in kazakhstan are subject to the same regulations as other government-owned organizations, regarding not only fees and salaries, but also administrative structure, contracting and subcontracting.

State owned universities receive funding if their enrollment reaches 86,000 students or 34%. A small number of universities are financed through a budget line in the Republic budget, such as art academies or international universities.

List of the some of the well-known universities for medical education in Kazakhstan is provided for the convenience of the students.

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Since Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991 it has experienced significant success. The economy has more than doubled in size and our basic economic indicators are far ahead of other Central Asian countries. At present, country’s socio-economic development is increasingly gaining in momentum and education is given top priority as the country is looking to develop human capital.

In 2011 Kazakhstan began implementing a strategic ten-year programme to overhaul the whole education system both in terms of structure and teaching. By joining the Bologna process in 2011, Kazakhstan demonstrated that it was ready and interested in furthering cooperation with its international partners. Nazarbayev University, founded in 2010 is playing a leading role in the process. It is introducing and adapting the best available international experience to the curriculum and its research in energy, life sciences and educational policies is already at a high level.

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Technical and professional education is changing radically. Employers are involved in the development of 147 new professional standards. Shared responsibility between potential employers and education institutions for providing personnel with quality training is being encouraged and developed. Certifications and the award of qualifications are becoming independent from the education process.

Following are some of the important universities to do mbbs in Kazakhstan.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU)

KazNU is one of the oldest and largest universities. It is located in the capital city Almaty. It provides quality education to more than 20,000 students every year, both undergraduates and post-graduates. The university has state of the art technology campus and buildings with more 98 departments. More than 4,000 students from different parts of the world take admission every year.

L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU)

This is one of the leading classical universities in Kazakhstan L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU) is founded in 1996. ENU houses about 13,000 students and a variety of courses are available in different media like Kazakh, Russian, English, French, Chinese, French, German and Turkish. However, English is the medium of instruction for most of the students especially from India. ENU currently has 26 scientific institutions, including research institutes, laboratories and science centers.

Kazakh-British Technical University

Kazakh-British Technical University has been developed in close association with the British Council and a number of well-known UK universities. The university was established in Almaty in 2000, with the primary objective of providing quality education

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Most international students will need to apply for a student visa in order to study mbbs in Kazakhstan. Overseas Education Group helps in obtaining visas to study mbbs in Kazakhstan. We help you in complete documentation once you receivethe offer of a place at a university. On arrival, you need to register with the local authorities within five days.

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