Vice president for the Center for International Programs, Zulfiya Torebekova said they wish to create high demand for Kazakhstan’s education in the Central Asian region. “Kazakhstan is working on to actively participate in the Central Asian region. We also want to create an educational hub of higher education in Kazakhstan… It is expected that the universities, as well as new international campuses, will become platforms for the development of partnerships between the world’s leading universities and the Central Asian states.”
-The Pie News

The Country

With a population of around 18,744,548 (July 2018 est.). Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, northwest of China; a small portion west of the Ural (Zhayyq) River in easternmost Europe. It is a place with huge natural resources and low population density. The literacy rate is 99.8% for both males and females and improved drinking water resource and sanitation facility throughout the country.

The country has Presidential Republic Government with 14 administrative divisions or provinces.

The state owns nearly all radio and TV transmission facilities and operates national TV and radio networks; there are 96 TV channels, many of which are owned by the government, and 4 state-run radio stations; some former state-owned media outlets have been privatized; households with satellite dishes have access to foreign media; a small number of commercial radio stations operate along with state-run radio stations; recent legislation requires all media outlets to register with the government and all TV providers to broadcast in digital format by 2018; broadcasts reach some 99% of the population as well as neighboring countries(2018).


The foremost reason why Kazakshtan is being chosen by international students for medical higher education is its affordable cost. Those who want to attain degrees as medical professionals can easily enroll in Kazakhstan for medical studies at nominal costs. Also the cost of living in Kazakhstan is economic and easily affordable for all.

No Entrance Test Required

Another advantage of studying in Kazakshtan is that except the basic eligibility criteria, one doesn’t need to clear entrance tests or any international score like IELTS or TOEFL to apply for medical graduation in Kazakhstan. However, as an Indian Student you may be required to clear NEET UG along with your minimum UG score in academics.

Degrees globally recognized

The degrees offered by Universities in Kazakhstan are globally recognized and is valid for a PG program, any other specialization or Residency and Professional practice in any other country in the world.

Curriculum standard

The curriculum, methodology and education practices followed in the Kazak Universities follow international standard and the Universities take special notice of the fact that their students are entitled to brighter prospects without further challenges.

Modern Infrastructure

The Government and the Educational Bodies are working hard to attract international students and give them a high-end infrastructure and experience. Therefore, studying in a fast growing state helps students to practice under new infrastructure with special attention given to all aids and needs of a student.


To understand the MBBS process in KAZAKHSTAN, few colleges and their enrolment process along with curriculum are discussed below:

Astana University

Established as an Academy in the year 1997, they gained the status of University in 2009. There are seven faculties in this University. These are Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Nursing, Preventive Care, Pharmacy, and Postgraduate Education. Other than these faculties, there is also additional medical education available to those enrolled with the university. When it comes to the staff of this university, it entails 873 teachers who impart quality medical education to a whopping 5,185 students of the university. There are also 112 doctors of medical science, 280 candidates of medical science, 62 professors and 67 associate professors. Other than the aforementioned, the postgraduate courses on 29 specialties of residency, four specialties of master programme, and two specialties of Ph.D. doctoral degree further make Astana University a top medical university in Kazakhstan.

KAZAKH National Medical University

Established in the year 1931 and recognized as a ‘National University’ in 2001, Kazakh National Medical University is considered as the #1 University of Kazakhstan. Located in Almaty, the university has given some the most famed physicians and medical experts to the world. At the university there are 76 departments and 7 courses at 6 faculties (therapeutic, pediatric, public health, management in public health and pharmacy, general medicine, professional training and 2 faculties (pharmaceutical and stomatological) departments were transformed into modules (pharmaceutical faculty 5 modules, stomatological 9 modules) The Bachelor of Medicine consists of 5-year full-time study at the International Medical Faculty of KazNMU.

The 5 years of study in KazNMU includes general education, basic and clinical disciplines. In between 1-2 years of study, students master general educational disciplines that study the norm of the structure and functioning of the human body, the 3rd year devoted to the integrated study of pathological processes in the main organs and systems with the development of the initial skills of clinical thinking, whereas 4th and 5th year courses are devoted to the study of mandatory in-depth clinical disciplines with a choice of specialization on the 5th year.

SEMEY Medical University

This is one of the largest medical university in Kazakhstan with its own hospital and branches in Pavlodar and Ust Kamenogorsk. Established in 1953, the University has turned out to be one of the successful Organizations with thousands of students becoming recognized health professionals across the globe.

The curriculum varies from General Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy & Stomatology in Undergraduate program with course period varying between 4 to 5 years, to Masters in Scientific & Pedagogical Magistracy and also facilitating Doctoral Ph.d and Residency programs In 1995 University established an additional administration for the foreign students, controlled by two pro-rectors and headed by the dean of the foreign students. In 1998 University signed the agreement for the admission of the eligible foreign candidates for the studies in various medical courses in English medium with “TECAS International”. With the signing of the agreement and the joint efforts of the authorities of the “University” and “TECAS International” - Govt. (State) State Medical University-Semey became the first government medical institution in the central Asian republics, where the studies are being carried out successfully in English medium besides the traditional Russian and local languages.

University has a good set-up for the foreign students and works in close contact with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of foreign affairs, Home Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the embassies and the consular offices of the Republic in the respective countries. Presently Semey State State Medical University- is known as one of the leading institutions of the country for the number of foreign students in it.

Karaganda Medical University

KMU, established in 1950 has currently attained the status of one of the leading Universities in Kazakhstan. The University was marked by the highest national ranking 2nd place in the General Ranking of Medical Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan (IQAA), 2nd place in the courses of the master’s program in “Medicine” specialty (IQAA), 2nd place in the ranking of educational programs on “General medicine” specialty (IAAR). Currently, the University implements the multi-level training of specialists: bachelor program, postgraduate (master’s course, residency, PhD program) and additional education. Training is provided in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. In the University study over eight thousand learners.

Highly skilled staff teach at the University, 22 of them are academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences, Academy of Medical Sciences, Academy of Military Sciences, National Academy of Natural Sciences of RK, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, International Informatization Academy, International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, 72 doctors of sciences, 5 PhD, 266 candidates of sciences and 122 specialists with a Master's degree.

Quality of education and researches is provided through the high level of infrastructure: 4 educational buildings with classrooms equipped with the interactive equipment, scientific library with reading rooms and an electronic library room, Center of Practical Skills with hi-tech simulators and dummies, Research Center and Multiple-Access Laboratory, Research sanitary SIC laboratory, 6 dormitories, 57 clinical sites, 476 bases for undergoing professional practice in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, Medical Center, Dental Clinic, student sports and fitness complexes and recreation areas.

KMU is included into the Directory of Avicenna Medical Schools of World Health Organization and World Federation for Medical Education. KMU is the member of the Magna Charta of Universities (MCU), Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), Asian Medical Education Association (AMEA), Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS), Organization of University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), International Association of Development Education (IADE). Association of Graduate School of Management in Barcelona (GSMB), European University Association (EUA)

Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University

The university’s multi-level structure includes a bachelor's degree (65 specialties), a master's degree (30 specialties), a doctoral PhD (6 specialties). In 2018, the university obtained licenses in 13 specialties of the bachelor's degree in natural and humanitarian areas, dual specialties, and also in the specialty "General Medicine". Today, more than 6 thousand students, 271 undergraduates and 33 doctoral students are enrolled in the university - 5 years (with the assignment of the academic degree of Bachelor of Medicine) and 2 years of internship (with the qualification of a doctor) in the areas of surgery, therapy, general practice of obstetrics and gynecology.

Simulation rooms equipped with modern high-tech equipment, models and phantoms with computer support; anatomy and physiology; pathological anatomy and physiology; cytology and histology; experimental psychology; language training, lingua-phone room; 3D technologies in medicine, electricity, optics and biophysics; NMR spectroscopy; biological chemistry; organic and bioorganic chemistry; water quality; microbiology, research laboratory, etc.

Currently, the medical faculty has two departments: the department of clinical disciplines and the department of morphology, physiology and general pathology. Enrollment of students for the 2018-2021 school year amounted to 172 bachelor's degrees out of which 41 students arrived from India to study at The Faculty of Medicine.

The faculty of the university includes 410 teachers, among which there are 20 doctors of science, 13 Phd doctors, 92 candidates of science, 214 masters. In the target PhD-doctoral studies at universities in Kazakhstan, 14 people are studying. The owners of the state grant "The best teacher of the university" were 35 teachers. Doctoral studies - postgraduate education, educational programs, which are aimed at training students for scientific, pedagogical and (or) professional activities with the award of a doctorate in philosophy (PhD).

Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University works closely with 68 leading research centers and universities in 18 countries. Foreign scientists are invited to the university under the program “Attracting foreign specialists to universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan” to give lectures to students and undergraduates.

University students take part in various national scientific competitions and subject Olympiads. The library of Sh. Ualikhanov KSU has more than 700 thousand units of scientific and educational publications. The university has its own printing house. The university newspaper “Alau” is published monthly, and an electronic version of the scientific journal “Bulletin of Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University” is published twice a year.

Sh. Ualikhanov KSU has a modern sports base, which consists of 2 sports and recreation complexes, gymnasiums, basketball, volleyball, wrestling halls, rhythmic gymnastics hall, 2 sports halls, «Tulpar» sports and fitness center, located in the forest area of Zerendinsky zone recreation. There are sports sections and sports and fitness groups.

Nazarbayev University School of Medicine

Nazarbayev University School of Medicine (NUSOM) is the Republic of Kazakhstan’s first US-style curriculum which is taught in English with the goal of educating future medical leaders in health care, education and biomedical research.


The procedure for obtaining a license is the final stage on the way to the opportunity to work legally in the medical field. Before this, a person must undergo training – to study in a specialty, to receive a diploma, to undergo certified training courses, which will be required by an authorized body (licensor) when issuing a license.
The licensor for the implementation of medical and pharmaceutical activities are the local executive bodies of regions, cities of republican significance and the capital in accordance with the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On some issues of licensing medical and pharmaceutical activities” dated February 26, 2015 No. 94.
According to the Order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 23, 2015 No. 27, the qualification requirements for medical activities were approved. They suggest the presence of:

  • 1. premise or building on the right of ownership or lease or trust management of state property;
  • 2. medical and (or) special equipment, apparatus and instrumentation, appliances, furniture, implements, vehicles and other means (if necessary), according to the claimed sub-types of medical activity;
  • 3. appropriate education according to the claimed subtypes of medical activity;
  • 4. specialization or advancement and other types of advanced training over the past 5 years according to the declared subtypes of medical activity;
  • 5. a corresponding certificate of a specialist, with the exception of sanitary and epidemiological specialists;
  • 6. for legal entities – the staff of medical workers, which is confirmed by information about medical workers, according to Appendix 1 to the qualification requirements;
  • 7. for individuals – work experience in the specialty of at least 5 years by the claimed subtypes of medical activity.
How to get a license

To date, all licenses and permits can be requested and obtained online through the portal This was made possible by transfer of government services into electronic format, simplifying licensing procedures and reducing the number of required documents by integrating the government’s IP system with electronic licensing.
To start working with the portal, you need to receive a digital signature and to register. If you encounter this procedure for the first time, then the detailed instructions in the "Help" section will help you. There you will also find detailed illustrated step-by-step instructions for applying for a license in PDF format. Below are brief excerpts from it:

1. After registering, log in to the portal and go to the Medical activities online service. It is located in the section “Healthcare” - “Licensing of activities”.

2. An extensive list of sub-types of medical activity will open on the service page, in which you need to mark the points of your specialization.

3. After marking the subspecies and clicking the “Next” button, a page will open with a list of necessary documents (according to the service standard) that are required to obtain a license.

  • Kazakh National Medical University
  • Astana Medical University
  • Karaganda State Medical University
  • Semey State Medical University
  • West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University
  • Kazakh Russian Medical University
  • Shymkent State Medical University
  • South Kazakhstan Medical Academy