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Experts at Overseas Education Group explain students about different courses available in different medical universities in different countries along with vital details such as fees structure, time of admission, etc. A consultant can best help the student by suggesting the best university for a particular course that the students want to pursue.

We help students clearly detailing them the options available along with the information about universities and courses they offer. Fees and payment structure play key role in pursuing any course. The student and parents should have fair understanding of the total estimated expenses they might incur for stay. Overseas Education Group takes the responsibility to provide guidance with all necessary information a student needs.

Getting a visa is something wherein a student faces much difficulty. Possibility of rejection of application for visa approval is more if the student applies directly. This may be because of lapses that might occur while filling the application. Overseas Education Group helps students to collect right documents, while being very careful with documentation. This documentation part can only be done perfectly when get assistance of someone who is experienced and have all the knowledge regarding it. The chances of getting visa is more If the documentation is done with proper assistance of a consultant.

Overseas Education Group takes the responsibility of providing assistance with financial estimate to the aspiring students along with the costs involved for accommodation in that particular country where they want to pursue medical education.

The dream of study mbbs in abroad is no longer a distant destination, which only a few chosen people can afford. Today with the number of education loans and scholarships on offer; international higher education is much more accessible. If you can submit proper documents; have a good academic track-record and meet the eligibility criteria set by the bank; an education loan is guaranteed.

Bank-loans have to be repaid and for a larger loan-value a guarantor is required; you know your family’s financial condition the best. We study and understand the pros and cons of the financial ability of the student and suggest for educational loan from a bank only when we are convinced that the family’s finances are not affected. We also help you to check with multiple banks to get the best deal on your education loan. Even a difference of 0.25% in the rate of interest; or an extra year of waiting before you begin to repay your loan can make a considerable difference.

Overseas Education Group understands the issues and concerns of the parents who worry about their kids’ accommodation, food and social security during their stay in that country. We, using our contacts make sure that the students get secured accommodation near to their medical universities to study. We also provide with contact details of seniors for more information on accommodation, food and other basic requirements.

Most of the students look out for any job while studying to not to put additional burden on their parents and also meet their monthly expenses. Overseas Education Group helps students to know what kind of jobs they can do simultaneously with their studies and after completion of their study.

It is no secret that the research opportunities available in some countries and they rank way ahead of the facilities and funding offered in India. This is the primary reason for the migration of Indian students abroad. A majority of the students complete their research and stay on as faculty members. Some students return to India and take up teaching assignments or find relevant jobs.

Scholarships open a whole wide world of possibilities. From private scholarships offered by companies and philanthropists to scholarships offered by various governments and educational institutions to boost research output; you can choose and apply for a relevant scholarship. Overseas Education Group helps students identify and apply for the scholarships. We also help them in documentation and make sure that the deserved get the financial assistance. This can bring down the financial burden on their family and also helps in clearing the educational loan, if any, at the earliest.

The students who seek admission in international universities are obligatory to have several questions in their minds. And, before going for admissions, it is important for every candidate to acquire complete information about education system in that country and solve all the queries coming up in your mind. Overseas Education Group offers to solve all your queries via our team of experts to answer all your questions and help you develop a beautiful career. We put in our best effort to remove all the doubts from the minds of aspiring students who are looking for study medicine in germany. Here is a short question answer which generally solves the queries arising in the minds of the students.

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